Tami Kesselman Joins as a Partner of LOHAS Advisors

February 4, 2020

Tami Kesselman Joins as a Partner of LOHAS Advisors


Tami Kesselman Joins as a Partner of LOHAS Advisors

The LOHAS team has a new impact investing pro! A Harvard-educated strategist and former Bain consultant, Tami Kesselman is a pioneer and thought leader on achieving concurrent financial and impact results who has spent the past two decades working to advance the success of socially and environmentally motivated investing.

Tami is a creative and analytical family office strategy advisor with a passion for working one-on-one with individual investors and family offices, assisting them with identifying and accelerating opportunities to migrate portfolios and invest capital more effectively to improve the world while concurrently growing their financial returns. With an innate ability to help clients reallocate investment capital in ways that resonate across generations, she has become highly sought after as increasingly more wealth is transitioning.

“We are thrilled to have someone of Tami’s caliber join the LOHAS team not only for the experience and deep expertise that she will offer firm clients but also the insight and thought leadership that she will provide to the growing LOHAS organization.” – Rick Davis, Managing Partner of LOHAS Advisors

A frequent keynote speaker at impact investor conferences and an annual lecturer at Harvard, Tami speaks on the complex intersection of capitalism, sustainability, public policy, business management, and geopolitics as global social and environmental standards evolve. She has facilitated board-level strategy sessions for clients on six continents, annually chairs Opal’s Private Wealth Impact Investing Forum, serves on the Steering Committee for the NEXUS Impact Investing Working Group and the United Nations-NEXUS Small Island Resiliency Braintrust, and is a member of the Global Alumni Board of Directors for Harvard Kennedy School.

As a Partner at LOHAS Advisors, along with helping drive the firm-wide growth strategy, Tami will work with clients to enable their impact investing visions, whether reallocating portfolio capital or leveraging donor-advised funds and other creative resources.


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The data is irrefutable that impact investing is not merely a “trend” but rather an irreversible change in perspectives that is encompassing investors of every age, gender, and nationality. LOHAS helps its clients tap into this growing investor desire to support people and planet when seeking profit.

From strategic direction to optimal messaging and positioning to deal preparation to campaign development to market building and (if needed) to fundraising, LOHAS helps guide its impact clients along their paths to success.

LOHAS works with a variety of clients on activities most relevant to them, customizing each engagement to meet their needs; but we also focus heavily on key areas and strategies that reflect our team’s expertise and more effectively enable our clients’ aspirations.

There a growing variety of parties delivering both profit and impact - from companies to funds to projects and productions - and LOHAS works with each to support their specific needs, developing customized campaign strategies and providing hands-on implementation.

Whether keynoting or moderating family office, impact investing, or social impact entertainment conferences, contributing to leading publications, or delivering or participating in webinars or podcasts or providing interviews on key industry topics, the LOHAS team helps drive public discourse on investment delivering both profit and impact.

LOHAS’ deep industry knowledge and relationships expand investment options and help build supportive partner relationships that increase the efficacy and benefits of your venture to investors.