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By: The LOHAS Team
April 22, 2021
April 22, 2021

Welcome to the new and improved LOHAS Capital website! As our practice has expanded and the team has grown, we felt compelled to provide greater detail on the types of opportunities that exist for social and environmental impact ventures, funds, projects, and productions that need to communicate clear paths to both profit and impact to engage investors, partners, and customers.

To address those inquiries and highlight the opportunities, here are some areas of focus in the new website:

What We Do

We are always working to develop and enhance our core practice areas and expertise, and are keen to share those insights and innovations with our clients whenever possible. You will find more about several key areas of impact investing innovation that LOHAS is focused on in our new Practice Disciplines section of the website.

Don’t see your area of interest? Let’s talk! We are constantly working with clients to bring new impact investment insights and innovations to market and are happy to work together to build a new practice discipline.

Alternative Investment Strategies

LOHAS Capital helps clients navigate the difficult waters of sourcing investments for social and environmental impact ventures by exploring the less-traveled paths that are often better suited for impactful endeavors than venture capitalists and institutional investors.

Learn more about our Alternative Investment Strategies practice discipline.

Social Impact Entertainment

Harness the power of storytelling to motivate social change at a global scale. The LOHAS Capital SIE team works directly with studios and project producers to help craft compelling stories and engineers creative structures and approaches to attract organizations and other parties to participate in the development and promotion of the production.

Learn more about our Social Impact Entertainment practice discipline.


For select organizations, crowdfunding can be an intelligent strategy for raising capital or simply enhancing customer engagement. The LOHAS Capital team has the expertise to help craft the overall fundraising strategy as well as support campaign execution.

Learn more about our Crowdfunding practice discipline.

Sustainability Strategies

In the realm of social and environmental impact investing, climate change is at or near the top of most investors’ minds and particularly those of the next generation. It can, however, be a challenge to tap into that investor zeitgeist effectively given the volume of available companies, funds, projects, and productions geared towards some aspect of sustainability. At LOHAS Capital, we help select ventures rise above the noise and highlight a unique path that is compelling to a targeted audience of supporters.

Learn more about our Sustainability Strategies practice discipline.

For-Profits for Nonprofits

An increasing number of nonprofits are recognizing the need to develop sustainable business models to ensure financial viability. Our For-Profits for Nonprofits discipline has the unique skill set needed to guide nonprofits through forming a for-profit that can return lasting financial support back to the main organizational mission.

Learn more about our For-Profits for Nonprofits practice discipline.

Who We Are

Beyond showcasing our range of services, the new website was built to be a platform for our growing team of impact investment veterans to share insights while they pioneer new frontiers in the industry.

For example, LOHAS Capital is immensely fortunate to have Will Nix, an industry-leading social impact entertainment expert, lead our SIE practice. With extensive experience in the entertainment, media, sports, and intellectual property fields as a producer, corporate executive, investment banker, and attorney, Will brings a comprehensive understanding on exactly what it takes to create successful media with a message.

Our Thought Leadership

The LOHAS team is very active in the impact investing community and we regularly feature thought-provoking blogs, published articles, interviews, podcasts, and educational webinars, relevant to our team and clients. Look for these resources on our thought leadership page. We also share information on special events and conferences at which we will be presenting or attending so that we can schedule time for direct dialogue.

We’re Here to Help

We are excited for the new and growing opportunities at LOHAS Capital and look forward to innovating novel approaches for our clients as we help them reach a broader audience and tap into new sources of capital and support. Please explore the website for a deeper dive into LOHAS Capital’s social or environmental impact investing knowledge and strategies. You can also connect with us here.

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The data is irrefutable that impact investing is not merely a “trend” but rather an irreversible change in perspectives that is encompassing investors of every age, gender, and nationality. LOHAS helps its clients tap into this growing investor desire to support people and planet when seeking profit.

From strategic direction to optimal messaging and positioning to deal preparation to campaign development to market building and (if needed) to fundraising, LOHAS helps guide its impact clients along their paths to success.

LOHAS works with a variety of clients on activities most relevant to them, customizing each engagement to meet their needs; but we also focus heavily on key areas and strategies that reflect our team’s expertise and more effectively enable our clients’ aspirations.

There a growing variety of parties delivering both profit and impact - from companies to funds to projects and productions - and LOHAS works with each to support their specific needs, developing customized campaign strategies and providing hands-on implementation.

Whether keynoting or moderating family office, impact investing, or social impact entertainment conferences, contributing to leading publications, or delivering or participating in webinars or podcasts or providing interviews on key industry topics, the LOHAS team helps drive public discourse on investment delivering both profit and impact.

LOHAS’ deep industry knowledge and relationships expand investment options and help build supportive partner relationships that increase the efficacy and benefits of your venture to investors.